Shruti Haasan talks about her single status and being bad girl

Shruti Haasan

Shruti Haasan has finally talked about her present personal situation. She announced that she is single. She made no mention of her recent breakup with live-in partner Santanu Hazarika, although she did confess that she is currently single.


Shruti Haasan took to Instagram to engage with her fans while stuck in traffic. While sitting in her car, she responded to the queries and uploaded the recordings on Instagram Stories.

Entirely single

It should be mentioned that she ended her relationship with Santanu Hazarika in March of this year, after living together for over four years.

“I don’t enjoy answering these questions but I am entirely single, unwilling to mingle. Only working and enjoying my life,” she remarked.

Shopping habits

When asked if she favors online or offline shopping, she replied that she enjoys both and is a shopping enthusiast.

“I always love shopping in person. But I also enjoy online shopping. I feel I end up buying much more when I online shop.”

Shruti Haasan

On wearing black

Shruti Haasan usually posts photoshoots in black. She stated that black is her favorite color.

“I love black. But today I wore white because I am working. Otherwise, I would never be (white),”,” she explained.

Being your own queen!

Shruti Haasan stated that she is neither father’s prince nor mother’s daughter. “I am super thankful to my parents but I think I am my own queen,” she said.

Bad girl!

She revealed that several strange things had happened in her life recently, saying, “But it’s okay. That’s OK. I’m bad, baby!”

Shruti Haasan

About Dacoit

Shruti Haasan’s next film will be “Dacoit,” which is being made in Telugu and Hindi. The film stars her opposite Adivi Sesh. “It is very special. And I am quite excited. I love the team. I’m simply so stoked,” she added.



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