Sree Vishnu: Gaali Sampath is an emotional story

Sree Vishnu

Sree Vishnu picks interesting roles quite often. ‘Gaali Sampath’ is a film where he has been paired with Rajendra Prasad. He spoke to us about the film, his character, and his association with Anil Ravipudi, the film’s presenter. Read on. 

What attracted you to Gaali Sampath?


I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call from Anil Ravipudi. Anil had given me the narration of the basic line of Gaali Sampath, which I liked. The moment I came to know Rajendra Prasad would be playing my father, I didn’t think a minute to say yes to this father-son love story. 

Why do you call it a father-son love story?

Frankly speaking, the conflict is between my character and the father’s role by Rajendra Prasad. The ego clashes, the love, and the fights all happen between father and son. The heroine does not have much importance in this story. 

About your role?

I play a doting son to Rajendra Prasad in the film. In this film, I play a responsible son and Rajendra Prasad Garu is a brat.

Is this a comedy caper?

No, it is not a comedy film. Seeing the trailer and RP garu’s role, one may assume that the film is a comedy-drama. Also, the name of Anil Ravipudi has given more mileage to it. But the film is a serious drama with a thrilling second half. We are just asking the audience to come prepared for what they are going to see.

How was the whole shoot experience with Rajendra Prasad?

Once I appear on the sets, I forget the actor’s stature and treat him as a co-star. I have done the same and did not talk much on sets. But I learned a lot from RP garu as we used to have deep discussions post the shoot.

You get involved in all your projects. How was this setup?

For the first time in my career, I shot without any tension. All my films are made by young directors and I get involved a lot. For this film, everything was so perfectly planned, and not one-day was wasted. We wrapped up 90% of the shoot in one long schedule. 

Many say it is an out-and-out Rajendra Prasad film. What do you say?

We have equal roles in the film. Even if anyone feels that it is his film I will not mind as he is a senior actor. But the story itself is based on the father and son and all this will be cleared in the thrilling second half.



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