Sundeep Kishan: ‘Express’ is a lucky word for me

Sundeep Kishan: ‘Express’ is a lucky word for me

Sundeep Kishan’s 25th film is ‘A1 Express’, a sports drama. As the film is ready for release, he spoke to us about the film and its premise. The film is a remake of a Tamil movie. Read on…

Are you nervous about the film’s outcome?

I am not at all nervous. This is my 25th film and I am super confident that it would be a good hit at the box office. I have watched the film and am happy with the output. ‘A1 Express’ is a happy film with a solid premise that will connect to one and all.

Why hockey as a backdrop?

Why not? Of late, Hockey is a sport that has been neglected in India. Also, it is a very passionate game, and what better time to bring a new premise to the Telugu audience during these changing times. More than the game, the story is going to be quite gripping.

Why did you produce this film?

For me to be in the game, one has to take risks and set up projects for myself. When I saw the original (Tamil movie – Natpe Thunai), I loved it and felt that it would be a perfect remake for Telugu. So, from scratch, I was involved in the remake and decided to produce it as well.

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Did you make changes to the original?

Yes, a lot of changes. We just took the basic idea from Tamil and added so many aspects. The last 20 minutes are going to be super exciting with special surprises.

Why six-pack look for the film?

As I play a hockey player, I had to look fit. I worked hard on my body and as the film has superb scope to showcase my body, I went all out. In a way, ‘A1 Express’ is a film that gave me a scope to showcase my best and I did it in full throttle. 

The word ‘Express’ seems lucky for you?

Yes, it has become a sentiment and I am going to use this word for all my future business prospects as well. It is a trademark now for my company and anything that makes me click, I will make full use of it.



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