Vaisshnav Tej: I am not tensed about Uppena’s result

Vaishnav Tej

Vaishnav Tej is the latest entrant from the megastar Chiranjeevi’s family to enter Tollywood. His debut film ‘Uppena’ releases this Friday. Vaisshnav Tej, in his first media interaction, talks about the film and his career plans.

Tell us the moment when you decided to get into films? 

My family members used to prod me to enter into films, but I was not confident. Things became serious when offers started coming in. Buchi Babu came to me with the story of ‘Uppena’, and that is when I decided to take acting seriously.

What was the reaction of your uncle Chiranjeevi?

He was the one who decided that I should do this film after hearing the story narration. He told me this is the best launchpad I can ever get. Also, after watching the film, mama said that he was very proud of my performance.

Tell us about your working experience on Uppena?

Things were not that easy, and I understood this when I entered the sets. Emoting in front of the camera is no easy job. Even though I had done workshops, things were really different. That is when I understood the seriousness of the industry and my role as an actor. I have learned so much from Buchi Babu, Vijay Sethupathi, and Kriti Shetty during the making of this film.

What kind of suggestions did your cousins give you?

Everyone has been quite supportive of my career and have been encouraging me at some point or the other. Charan anna even took me to NTR and made me speak to him. Since then, NTR and Manchu Manoj have been helping me a lot.


Are you tensed about such hype for the film?

No, I am not at all tensed since Chiru mama has said great things about the outcome. I am even more confident now. 

How was it working with a stalwart like Vijay Sethupathi?

Initially, I was so tensed to act with him, but Vijay sir gave me a lot of support during the making. He is a very confident actor who never looks at the monitor. The way he carries himself off-screen is also what I was so attracted to. By the end of the shoot, I have become his huge fan.

How are you planning your career?

Even before I wrapped up ‘Uppena’, Krish garu came to me. It was shocking and quite an elated feeling when a director like Krish approaches you. I did not think much and said okay to the film. My third film is also set to hit the floors soon, and it will be announced in the days to come. Personally, I like watching and doing action films.



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