Varalaxmi Sarathkumar: ‘Trying to be a versatile actress’

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has become popular with the success of ‘Krack’. She will be seen in another different role in Allari Naresh’s’ upcoming release ‘Naandhi’. She opens up about the film and her career in Telugu.

Did you expect such a response to Jayamma’s role in Krack?

I knew that the role was coming out well but did not expect that it would create such an impact. I am shocked to see the response and since the film got released, my film has not stopped ringing. I am so thrilled.

Can you share one particular compliment that you cherish?

I cannot forget the day when Chiranjeevi garu called me. He spoke about Jayamma’s role at length and wished me more successful in life. The icing on the cake is when my dad also happened to be with Chiru garu. He felt so proud.

What attracted you towards Naandhi?

I am at a stage in my career where I want to be versatile like Vijay Sethupathi who can do anything. I got this offer to play a lawyer when I was looking for varied roles. Though the film revolves around Allari Naresh, I carry the case through my narration and this is what attracted me a lot.

Your voice is powerful. Does it help in enhancing your performance?

Everyone has their strengths and I feel my voice is special. That is the reason, I always dub for my films. But in this film, I had a tough time as the pronunciation of legal words was quite tough in Telugu. I wrap up any film’s dubbing work in one day but for ‘Naandhi’, I worked for 4 days on my dubbing.

You are in the best phase of your career. How do you feel?

I have done over 40 films in Tamil and am shifting gears now. My career in Telugu has picked up quite well and I am also looking to do films in Hindi and other languages. Things have worked quite late for me but I am so happy and am enjoying the success.

Upcoming projects?

I have signed a project with Sundeep Kishan and have okayed two other films as well. Things are looking good for me in Tollywood as directors are coming to me with different scripts.


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