270 Cr business deals for December 2023 films

December 2023 Films

Starting this Friday, ten new films will be released in December, the final month of 2023, ranging from ‘Animal’ to ‘Salaar’. Only four of these ten films have strong hype. They are “Animal” (Dub), “Hi Nanna”, “Extraordinary Man”, and “Salaar”. Although Shah Rukh Khan’s “Dunki” will also be released on December 21st, it will be released directly in Telugu states, with no business deal in place as of now.


Films such as “Atharva”, “Calling Sahasra”, “Pindam”, and “Jorugaa Husharugaa” cannot be considered for business deals.

The distribution rights to “Animal” in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are worth Rs 16 crore. The combined theatrical distribution rights for “Hi Nanna” and “Extra Ordinary Man” are worth around Rs 80 crore. Nani and Nithiin are both considered mid-level heroes. Both of these films, however, have high expectations. The trailers were a big hit.

Prabhas’ “Salaar” has grossed a whopping Rs 170 crore in Telugu states. This is a massive sum. Before their release, all of these films have done  around Rs 270 crore worth pre-release business deals. So these films will need to recover more than that in December. We will see a lot of revenue at the theaters even before Sankranthi, which is considered to be the most lucrative period for theatrical revenue.

Can these films truly entertain audiences and recover such massive amount in December?



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