A glimpse of Sharwanand’s new film ‘Manamey’

Sharwanand’s 35th film has been titled “Manamey”. The first look was released today, on the occasion of Sharwanand’s birthday.


Sriram Adittya is the film’s director, and TG Vishwa Prasad’s People Media Factory is producing it.

The video poster depicts Sharwanand and a child, played by Vikram Adittya, standing on the roof of a tall building. Sharwa stares at the child as he observes his surroundings. The first-look poster also features London Bridge and the River Thames. The video also has the film’s female lead, Krithi Shetty.

The music is provided by Hesham Abdul Wahab. This is his third Telugu film, following “Kushi” and “Hai Nanna”.

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