Actor Ali bids good-bye to politics


Actor Ali resigned from the YSRC party and stated that he would no longer participate in politics. Ali joined the YSRC party prior to the 2019 elections and has enjoyed the ‘power’ until now.

As the YSRC party lost power and TDP-aligned parties formed government in Andhra Pradesh, Ali conveniently claimed that he is no longer affiliated with any party.

In his lengthy video, he stated that he entered politics because of his late producer, D Ramanaidu, and went on to detail his long journey. Now that YSRC has lost power, he is concerned about potential complications. So, he declared his disassociation from politics.

He stated that films are his first love and life, and that he will continue to focus on his acting career without becoming involved with any political parties in the future.

Ali began his career as a child actor and has been in hundreds of films as a comic, hero, and character actor, among other roles.



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