All Sankranthi films get UA Certificates

Sankranthi 2024

This Sankranthi 2024, four films will be released, and all of them have generated a lot of buzz with their promotional material. “Hanu Man,” “Guntur Kaaram,” “Saindhav,” and “Naa Saami Ranga” are among the films that will keep us entertained during this festive season.


All of these films’ trailers have sparked a lot of interest.

Interestingly, all four films received UA certificates from the Censor Board, implying that violent sequences exist in these films.

Guntur Kaaram
UA – 159 Minutes
Satellite channel: Gemini TV
OTT platform: Netflix

UA -140 Minutes
Satellite channel: ETV
OTT platform: Amazon Prime

Hanu Man
UA – 158 Minutes
Satellite channel: Zee TV
OTT platform: ZEE5

Naa Saami Ranga
Satellite channel: Star Maa
OTT platform: Disney Plus Hotstar



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