Allu Aravind: COVID19 vaccine saved me

Allu Aravind

Producer Allu Aravind has finally responded to the reports that he had tested positive for coronavirus even after taking two doses of the vaccine. In a video released, the veteran producer admitted that he got contracted COVID-19 but it was mild.

“Yes, I had tested positive for COVID-19 but it lasted three days of mild fever and gone. I am perfectly alright now. Along with my two other friends, I visited a village and returned to Hyderabad. After that, we all three have contracted COVID-19. Another friend and I took the first jab of vaccine earlier and we got saved from it as we got vaccinated. On the other hand, the one who is yet to take the vaccine got admitted to hospital after getting tested for positive,” Allu Aravind explained in detail.

He urged the people to get vaccinated immediately as it saves lives.

Allu Aravind and several other Tollywood celebrities had tested positive for coronavirus in the second wave. The 72-year-old veteran producer is currently resting in his Hyderabad home.


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