Anjali’s statement on Balakrishna pushing her on stage

Anj ali

Following the widespread public outcry on social media regarding the video depicting Balakrishna’s forceful push, actress Anjali has now issued a formal statement. She stated that she and Balakrishna have maintained a strong and long friendship for a great period of time, without mentioning the specific incident.

At the pre-release event of the film “Gangs of Godavari”, Balakrishna forcefully pushed actress Anjali on stage. Although Anjali dismissed it with laughter, the video incited strong anger on social media, leading some Bollywood filmmakers to hurl various comments at Balakrishna.

Anajli’s Twitter post:

“I want to thank Balakrishna Garu for gracing the Gangs of Godavari pre-release event with his presence. I would like to express that Balakrishna garu and I have always maintained mutual respect for eachother and We share a great friendship from a long time. It was wonderful to share the stage with him again,” she wrote.



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