Boyapati finalizes two heroines for Balakrishna

Prayaga and Poorna

It is now official that two heroines have been finalized for Nandamuri Balakrishna. They are Poorna and Prayaga Martin.

Poorna needs no introduction. She played the female lead in films such as ‘Avunu’, ‘Avunu 2’, ‘Suvarna Sundari’, and ‘Silly Fellows’. 31-year-old Poorna aka Shamna Khasim has now got the chance to pair up with one of the leading stars of Tollywood. 

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As we have reported earlier, Malayalam actress Prayaga Martin has been finalized as the other female lead. Balakrishna will romance these two ladies on screen in this film. 

Director Boyapati had many discussions with several actresses and even shortlisted newcomers but finally chosen Poorna and Prayaga Martin as the heroines in this action drama, which is under progress in Hyderabad. 

Tentatively referred to as ‘BB3’, the untitled film is produced by Miriyala Ravinder Reddy.

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