Budget clause for Shankar – Ram Charan’s film!

Shankar and Ram Charan

Shankar is a visionary filmmaker. He is a director with a grand vision. He pioneered the usage of VFX in Indian movies. Known for lavish filmmaking style, Shankar is also often criticized for losing control of production costs thereby putting producers under heavy pressure. 

Shankar – Rajinikanth’s ‘2.0’ had collected big money (got nearly Rs 60 crore share in Telugu states for a dubbed movie) but it was a huge cost failure. Now, ‘Indian 2’ also ran into financial issues. This is why producers are scared to collaborate with him. 

Dil Raju, however, has already made a written agreement with Shankar about the budget. Dil Raju has completely agreed to invest the budget Shankar wanted for this movie starring Ram Charan. The only clause he has put in is to stick to that quoted budget, and not exceed it in any way. 

The film will start rolling shortly. Ram Charan will play a different role, a character that he has not done until now. Touted to be a story with a social message, the untitled biggie is expected to hit the screens in 2022. 

This will be Dil Raju’s 50th production.


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