Catch the revolutionary Rudrama Devi on Star Maa


Powerful, Inspirational & Revolutionary – Star Maa’s Rani Rudrama Devi is everything.

Novelty is the word that comes up in every conversation about Star Maa. Alongside delivering the best Telugu serials for years Star Maa has come up with some of the versatile shows that have captivated the audience.

While the channel prides itself on entertaining the audience for years, it has raised the bar to a whole new standard by bringing the historic tale of queen Rudrama Devi to the small screen.

Made on a massive budget, Rani Rudrama Devi, as the show is named depicts the life and the events of Queen Rudrama Devi in the most empowering ways. The awe-inspiring tale of the queen who ruled the Deccan region in the 12th century is being brought to life by Star Maa.

The channel made every attempt to make this serial a visual treat for the audience by bringing together the best technicians from across the nation. This prestigious project that is portraying the life of one of the most powerful characters in Telugu history is high on technical standards and will make the Telugu audience look at shows in a brand-new light.

Catch the revolutionary story of Rani Rudrama Devi on Star Maa from the 18th of January at 9 PM.

రాజ్య సంరక్షణ కోసం రాజుగా మారిన వీర నారి గాధ..రుద్రమదేవి జనవరి 18th రాత్రి 9 గంటలకు || Rudhrama Devi

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