Chiranjeevi gives ideas to his young directors!?

Waltair Veerayya

Megastar Chiranjeevi has extensive acting experience and can accurately assess a film’s box office potential. This is why he becomes irritated when a director fails to execute well on set and he attempts to correct them. However, some directors pay attention while others do not.


However, the megastar has now decided to work with young directors who listen to his suggestions and implement his ideas. He recently gave his agreement to two young directors.

According to reliable sources, he pitched ideas to these directors, who are trying to incorporate them into their script. The scripts are currently being written by the young directors. Chiranjeevi knows exactly what films will work for him right now. Hence, he is requesting that the directors include some entertainment and good songs.

He will move on to these films after completing ‘Bholaa Shankar,’ a remake of a Tamil film.



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