Daksha Nagarkar joins the cast of ‘Swag’

Daksha Nagarkar

After announcing Ritu Varma as the main heroine and revealing that senior actress Meera Jasmine will play Uthphalaa Devi, the “Swag” team has shared another update.


“Swag” reunites hero Sree Vishnu and director Hasith Goli. They previously worked together on the hit film “Raja Raja Chora.” Now, the team unveiled a poster featuring Daksha Nagarkar, announcing that she pumps the royal quotient of the “Swag” world.

“Swag” is produced by TG Vishwa Prasad of People Media Factory.

Daksha Nagarkar has played main roles in films such as “Jombie Reddy” and “Bangarraju”. She has gained the image of a glam girl.



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