Elon Musk brings ‘Ismart Shankar’ brain Chip to reality

iSmart Shankar

Ram Pothineni and Puri Jagannadh’s “Ismart Shankar” is a shining example of commercial Telugu cinema, forging a new path by combining futuristic medical technology with mainstream masala entertainment.


The brain chip implantation technique used in “Ismart Shanka”r now no longer limited to film, as billionaire Elon Musk has brought it to life.

Musk’s Neuralink business has successfully implanted a brain-controlling chip in a human, and the early results are quite encouraging.

Ram and Puri had previously examined this topic in “Ismart Shankar” in a very entertaining manner.

It should be fascinating to observe how a future topic explored in film translates into actual life.

Ram and Puri are currently working on “Double Ismart”, which will follow similar lines. So it should be mentioned that the film will make use of existent medical technology, which adds to its intrigue. This film is currently in production and is scheduled for release soon.



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