Extremely grateful for all the love: Krithi Shetty

Krithi Shetty

Krithi Shetty needed to score a hit in the Telugu film industry after her recent flicks failed at the box office. She was the busiest actress a year ago, but she is no longer in high demand due to diminishing success rate.


So, she had high hopes for “Manamey,” in which she played Sharwannd’s romantic interest. The film is currently running in the theaters. In her part as Subadra, she also delivered mature performance. Critics pointed this out.

It’s no surprise that she’s overjoyed with all of the attention and praise. It is too early to predict the film’s final box office result, but Krithi Shetty is pleased with the positive initial response.

“Extremely grateful to all the love that has been showered on #Manamey and for all the appreciation… means a lot …. will take this lovely energy and work harder …Catch MANAMEY in theatres near you,” she wrote.



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