Game Changer: A massive climax sequence is being filmed

Game Changer

Despite unseasonal rains, production on “Game Changer” is moving along quickly. Shankar is determined to finish this large action sequence in 20 days. As a result, he didn’t stop shooting even on May Day.


Shankar is known for filming fantastic action sequences on par with Hollywood films. To film the current action stunt, he has brought in high-end camera equipment.

Ram Charan and fighters are taking part in the sequence, which is being shot on a specially built set in Samshabad, Hyderabad.

With this, the main shooting portion of the film concludes. “Game Changer,” directed by Shankar and produced by Dil Raju, is one of the most important pan-Indian projects to emerge from the South Indian film industry. The heroine is Kiara Advani.



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