‘Hanu Man’ makers want Ram Charan for Jai Hanu Man

Ram Charan

Teja Sajja starred “Hanu Man” became a smash blockbuster in both Telugu and Hindi this year. Even in the North American market, the film earned more than $5 million. So, there is a lot of excitement for the sequel.


Director Prashanth Varma, whose hopes to make a Hindi film with Ranveer Singh failed, is now focusing on filming “Jai Hanuman,” the sequel to “Hanu Man.” In the first part, Prashanth Varma cleverly concealed Lord Hanu Man’s face. He considered casting a big hero in the sequel.

There was a plan to cast Kannada superstar Yash in the part of Lord Hanuman, but Yash declined due to his involvement in the much larger mythological movie “Ramayana” starring Ranbir Kapoor.

Now, producer Chaitanya Reddy has hinted that they are trying to persuade Megastar Chiranjeevi or Ram Charan to play Lord Hanuman. Both are Lord Hanuman bhakts. Will they agree to this role?



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