Is Prashanth Neel planning an Indian “Avengers”?

Y ash, Prabhas and NTR

Director Prashanth Neel is set to begin filming “Salaar 2,” which stars Prabhas as the main lead. After completing “Salaar 2,” he will have to work on two massive projects: #NTR31 and #KGF3.

There is also speculation that he will turn “KGF3” into a film similar to “Avengers: Endgame”. So this will mark the end of his ‘mine universe’. Mines feature in both “KGF” and “Salaar” stories. It is also believed that the backdrop for Prashanth Neel’s next film with NTR (#NTR31) will be the same.

So, “KGF 3” is likely to be the Indian version of “Avengers: Endgame,” in which all of Prashanth Neel’s main lead actors – Yash, Prabhas, and NTR – will appear.

There’s a lot of buzz around it. We have to see if it materializes or not.



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