Kalyan Ram: I love experimenting with my films


Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is always looking for new ways to engage his audience. Last year, he played two roles in the hit film ‘Bimbisara,’ one positive and one negative. His portrayal of a menacing evil king received positive feedback from both audiences and critics.


Now, in ‘Amigos,’ he played three characters, three lookalikes.

“I enjoy experimenting. I’m bored if I don’t offer something new to the audience. “Our audiences will be intrigued by the concept of doppelganger,” Kalyan Ram said.

The ‘Amigos’ team met with the media ahead of the film’s release tomorrow (Feb 10). He seemed confident that the film’s novelty theme would appeal to the audience.

Ashika Ranganath makes her Telugu film debut in this film. She also mentioned how exciting the plot is.



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