Koratala Siva says no to Dil Raju?

Senior producer Dil Raju has already decided not to run after big-starrers for acquiring distribution rights. He and his distribution company will work with producers who are comfortable with their business practices. 

With the arrival of new players like Warangal Srinu, he doesn’t want to compete and run into controversies. 

A couple of big production houses and directors are miffed with Dil Raju for not ‘expanding their market’ in the Nizam region. They allege that he is ‘underreporting’ collections of their films in the Nizam region. So, they are moving out of his camp. The latest director who is said to have not decided to give his films to Dil Raju for Nizam distribution is Koratala Siva.

It is no secret that Koratala Siva involves in the business aspects of his movies. He fixes rates for each area. Insiders say he acts as a de facto producer on all his directorial ventures. Koratala also makes his friends buy the rights of his movies in some areas in Andhra.

For ‘Acharya’, he will be selling the movie to other players in the Nizam region, not to Dil Raju. Initially, Koratala wanted to handover the rights to Lakshman, the former associate of Dil Raju, but now he is in talks with others.

Post-Covid crisis, the ticket prices are hiked and the market dynamics are also going to be changed. 



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