‘Krishnamma’ is streaming in 240 countries


“Krishnamma” was released in theaters earlier this month to positive reviews. The film is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

Krishnamma, the latest addition to Prime’s list of blockbuster films, is now available in Telugu in India and over 240 other countries and territories. V.V. Gopala Krishna directed the film, which starred Satyadev Kancharana as the main hero.

Krishna Burugula and Laxman Meesala played the other two main characters.

About the film

Growing up on the banks of the Krishna River in Vijayawada, three orphans, Shiva (Krishna), Bhadra (Satyadev), and Koti (Laxman), form an unbreakable bond. But life takes them down different paths, as Shiva ends up in prison at a young age but decides to live an honest life after his release, whereas Bhadra and Koti become involved in the dangerous world of smuggling.

When an unexpected twist leaves them in desperate need of money, they decide to take on one final mission that does not go as planned. This event sets off a chain reaction of unexpected challenges and dilemmas, putting their friendship to the test and forcing them to accept responsibility and face the consequences of their actions.



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