KS Ravikumar recounts ‘working experience’ with Balayya

KS Ravikumar and Balakrishna

KS Ravikumar, a veteran director of many blockbusters such as “Muthu,” “Bhamane Satyabhamane,” and “Padayappa” (“Narasimha” in Telugu), recently shared his experience working with Nandamuri Balakrishna. Ravikumar directed Balayya in movies such as “Jai Simha” and “Ruler”.

At a recent Tamil film press conference, he discussed how different actors behave on film sets. He recalled a funny incident involving Balayya.

“Balakrishna dislikes people laughing on sets. He becomes irritated easily. One day, one of my assistants, Saravanan, moved a fan toward Balayya sir, and his wig shifted slightly. He became enraged and was about to slap Saravanan when I intervened, informing Balayya sir that he is assistant director and that it was a mistake. He assumed Saravanan was from the “opposite group” (rival stars), but I explained that he is our assistant director,” Ravikumar said.

He added, “However, as a person and actor, Balayya sir is a good person with a big heart. This is simply to give an example of how actors behave on set.”



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