Madhavi Latha’s attempts to become a Kangana fail

Actress Madhavi Latha, who recently joined BJP, is regarded as an attention seeker. For, she always tries to use controversy to her benefit and be in the news although she has no connection with the said topic.

With Kangana Ranaut gaining all the publicity with her sensational remarks about nepotism and drug culture in Bollywood, Madhavi Latha too has tried to be in the spotlight. The actress said the same drug culture is prevalent in the Telugu film industry as well. However, her publicity gimmicks didn’t go with the Telangana excise well.

The officials immediately responded to her statements and asked her to submit any proofs or lead she has to corroborate her ‘claims’.

In 2017, Telangana excise had called in several Tollywood celebrities after a drug peddler revealed that he supplies drugs to parties in Tollywood. This incident was a shock to the Telugu film industry and the drug culture has subsequently almost ended.

Now, imitating Kangana Ranaut, Madhavi Latha made similar allegations but the officials didn’t keep silent and asked her to provide the leads or proofs. She is now keeping quiet. Madhavi Latha’s attempts to be in the news have failed.

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