‘Mastaaru Mastaaru’ GV Prakash Kumar is back!

GV Prakash Kumar

The song “Mastaaru Mastaaru” from Dhanush’s film “Sir” went viral. Because of the song’s popularity, the composer became more popular in Telugu. GV Prakash Kumar is a well-known music director in the Tamil film industry. However, “Sir” songs have increased his popularity in the Telugu states.


As a result, Sithara Entertainments, which produced “Sir,” has re-hired him for a new film starring Panja Vaisshnav Tej and Sreeleela. According to the production team, PVT04’s album will undoubtedly be a chartbuster. The team has also announced that a glimpse will be available soon.

Joju George and Aparna Das also play important roles in the untitled film (#PVT04). Fortune Four Cinema is co-producing the film, which is being presented by Srikara Studios. Srikanth N Reddy makes his directorial and writing debut with the film.

GV Prakash Kumar is also writing music for Nithin and Venky Kudumula’s film.



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