Mega presence for Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s swearing-in event

Mega family

Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister-designate, will be sworn in on June 12. He will take the position of Chief Minister for the fourth time. His swearing-in ceremony will happen on June 12 at 11.27 a.m. near the Kesarapalli IT Park in Gannavaram, Krishna district.


Many celebrities were invited to the ceremony. However, the presence of Pawan Kalyan, Chiranjeevi, and Ram Charan at this event will be the main attraction.

Pawan Kalyan, the president of the Jana Sena party, will be there. He was also elected as MLA from the Pithapuram constituency, and his party is key to this new government. On the other side, Megastar Chiranjeevi was asked to be the state guest. He had already left for Gannavaram from Hyderabad to attend the function.

Ram Charan will also be appearing as the special guest. Ram Charan will attend while on break from filming “Game Changer,” which is currently taking place near Rajamundry.

This is a memorable day for Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan’s family because it had always been their goal to rule the state. Chiranjeevi hoped to become the state’s Chief Minister and formed a party in 2008, however his party lost all but 18 of the 294 assembly seats. He then merged his Praja Rajyam party with Congress. Chiranjeevi is currently only focusing on films after quitting politics.

Pawan Kalyan, on the other hand, lost two of the seats he ran for in 2019, and his party suffered humiliating defeat. Nonetheless, he persevered and won the 2024 assembly elections. He is now the kingmaker in Andhra Pradesh politics. Hence, this is a special occasion for the ‘mega’ family.



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