Multiplexes demand to allow screenings

Cinema Halls

The ‘unlock’ process is underway. The central government has been relaxing restrictions imposed on business activity during the lockdown period in India. The lockdown rules have almost been relaxed now. Only educational institutes and movie theaters are continuing to remain shut.

Multiplexes are now demanding to allow the screenings. The Multiplexes Association of India has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging to reconsider the impositions on the movie theaters. “Livelihood of thousands of workers is at the risk. We have already changed the seating positions and incorporated safety measures due to COVID19 at all multiplexes across the nation,” said the association in a statement.

The association body is also tagging everyone on social media to make it a trending topic.

The theaters both multiplex and single screens have remained shut since March. In many countries, theaters are back to the business. But in India, the COVID19 cases are still on the rise. So, the government is not in favor of allowing the screenings as it is too risky.


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