Murali Mohan: Raghava Reddy trailer is like Biryani


Senior actor Murali Mohan attended “Raghava Reddy” trailer releasing ceremony. The film features Siva Kanthaneni as the protagonist, alongside the Rashi and Nandita Swetha. It is presented by Space Vision Narasimha Reddy and produced by K. S. Shankar Rao, G. Rambabu Yadav, and R. Venkateshwar Rao. The film is directed by Sanjeev Megoti.

Murali Mohan expressed his excitement and admiration for the ‘Raghava Reddy’ trailer, likening it to savoring a flavorful Hyderabadi biryani, richly seasoned with spices.

The trailer provides an enticing preview of the narrative and context, highlighting the talent of lead actors.The lead actor’s previous film ‘Madhurapudi Gramam Ane Nenu,’ achieved great success and was chosen to be showcased at the Rajasthan International Film Festival.

Hero Siva Kanthamaneni, exuding self-assurance, provided an analysis of his character.

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Director Sanjeev Megoti described the process of creating ‘Raghava Reddy’ as a collaborative effort.



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