Naga Babu’s clever game!

Naga Babu has freely been issuing statements against Balakrishna and TDP, and a section of media. This is a quite different stance that his brother and Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan is holding. Pawan Kalyan often faces accusations of being B-team of TDP even though his party had aligned with BJP. But Naga Babu is not leaving any chance to ridicule Balakrishna and TDP-favourable media.

Political analysts say Naga Babu is playing a clever game. 

By acting like a person who is no longer active in the Jana Sena party, he gets the shield from his political opponents. His comments will be seen in his individual opinion, not that of Jana Sena’s. But Naga Babu will never completely disassociate with the party. He is still a member of Jana Sena’s political affairs committee. 

So, he will have a double advantage. A clever game indeed! No wonder that he has become another RGV on Twitter, on tweeting anything freely.



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