Naga Chaitanya opens up about his new choices

Naga Chaitanya

Naga Chaitanya has been working on “Thandel” for several months and is completely dedicated to the project. He is very optimistic about this film, which is being directed by Chandoo Mondeti.


Sai Pallavi plays his lover in the film “Thandel,” which is about Andhra fishermen who end up in a Pakistani jail. The drama, which is being produced with a huge budget and high-end graphics, is scheduled to be released in December of this year. The reason he is enamored with this film and has changed his choices is that the audience’s tastes have evolved.

According to Naga Chaitanya, audiences are now only visiting theaters to see films that feature larger-than-life visual extravaganzas.

He also stated that while a big-budget film alone doesnot guarantee success, the story and characters must also be compelling, and that “Thandel” fits the bill.

Naga Chaitanya also revealed that he spent nearly nine months preparing for the film, ensuring that everything was perfect, from the look to the Srikakulam accent.



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