Nagarjuna posts snapshots of WhatsApp chat with Mahesh Babu


Actors and filmmakers use every available resource to get publicity for their upcoming releases. Senior actor Nagarjuna has now posted snapshots of private WhatsApp chats for the promotion of his movie, Wild Dog.

The film’s trailer releases later this evening. He must have shared the trailer with his friends in the film industry and got a positive response from them. Mahesh Babu reportedly praised the trailer. And seeking permission from Mahesh Babu, Nagarjuna shared the snapshot of their chat about this trailer. He also did the same for the chat he had with Chiranjeevi.

However, celebrities generally don’t post private WhatsApp chats to show the world they got validation from their friends and peers. Nagarjuna used private chats to get publicity for his upcoming film. 

‘Wild Dog’ is set for release on April 2nd. The action trailer is directed by writer Ahishor Solomon.


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