Nani continues ‘Pan-India’ promotions yet again


Nani has been attempting to establish a pan-Indian presence for himself for some time. He has consistently released his films in five languages but has yet to crack it. His previous film, “Dasara,” was a big hit in Telugu, but it didn’t do well in other languages.


He even toured several North Indian cities and aggressively promoted the Hindi version of “Dasara”. Nonetheless, the collection was meagre.

But he didn’t give up. He is still promoting. He has now begun  promotion for the upcoming family drama “Hi Nanna” across the country. Mrunal Thakur and Shruti Haasan play the female lead roles in the film, and both are well-known nationwide. Hence, he hopes that this film will reach a wider audience.

The trailer for “Hi Nanna” was well received. Will he, however, be able to break into the pan-Indian market? We will have to wait until December 7, when the film will be released in theaters.



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