Naresh vs. Pawan Kalyan: Who is correct?

Naresh vs Pawan Kalyan

Actor VK Naresh took to social media to say that Pawan Kalyan had criticized legendary actor Superstar Krishna. He stated that he was shocked and deeply saddened to hear Pawan Kalyan criticize late Sri Krishnagaru in his speech.


But the truth is that Pawan Kalyan did not criticise the late superstar Krishna.

In his speech, Pawan Kalyan stated that despite the fact that actors such as Krishna and Kota Srinivas Rao made films against NT Ramarao, the then-chief minister of Andhra Pradesh took no action against them. Despite their criticism of his government, NT Ramarao treated actors such as Krishna with courtesy, according to Pawan Kalyan.

But Naresh appears to have heard or seen the wrong or modified video.

As a result, he took to Twitter, urging Pawan Kalyan to refrain from making such disparaging remarks about Superstar Krishna in the future.

t is clear that Naresh didn’t really watch Pawan Kalyan’s entire speech.



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