Niharika: The doors of my heart are not closed


After two years of marriage, Niharika and her husband Venkata Chaitanya Jonnalagadda parted. Their wedding ceremony was conducted in a regal fashion in Rajasthan. Although they initially appeared deeply enamored with one another, their divergent qualities swiftly emerged, ultimately leading to their dissolution of marriage.


Niharika has currently shifted her attention towards her profession as a producer and actor. She is assuming a pivotal role in a recently launched film. In addition, she is generating content for OTT platforms.

Is she contemplating remarriage? She expressed her willingness to consider the concept, citing the robustness of the institution of marriage. The actress, who is 30 years old, also said that she has not closed herself off emotionally. Love can occur spontaneously, she expressed optimism.

She indicated her readiness to contemplate matrimony upon finding a right partner.



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