Nikhil Siddharth to milk the Karthikeya franchise further

Nikhil Siddharth

Nikhil Siddharth has finally scored the biggest hit of his career with ‘Karthikeya 2’, a mystic thriller that is posting big numbers at the box office. The bonus for Nikhil is its performance in the Hindi territories.

‘Karthikeya 2’ is continuing to draw huge collections in the second weekend as well. The film is now all set to join the million-dollar club. The Hindi version crosses the Rs 10 crore (net) mark.

Given the current socio-political atmosphere in India, the Krishna Tattvam of the film has done wonders at ticket windows. Nikhil Siddharth can now think big for his next movies. He might demand a bigger paycheck henceforth. Until now, he was struggling to post a big blockbuster.

‘Karthikeya 2’ has become a successful franchise, and he has plans to continue it further.



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