Pic: Ram Charan with Brahmanandam on ‘Game Charan’ sets

Ram Charan and Brahmanandam

Brahmanandam, a veteran comedian with more than 1000 films to his credit, will appear in director Shankar’s latest film, Game Changer. He is currently filming in Hyderabad alongside the film’s principal hero, Ram Charan.


On Wednesday, Ram Charan posted a photo of himself and Brahmanandam holding a copy of the comedian’s new book. Brahmanandam wrote a book called “Nenu” that is similar to an autobiography. According to Ram Charan, the book is witty and intelligent.

Brahmanandam had already worked with Ram Charan in several films, but working under Shankar’s direction is something special. “Game Changer” is billed as a message-driven political drama, with Ram Charan playing an IAS officer.

“Game Changer” will be released in theaters later this year.



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