Rajamouli: Even NTR’s eyebrows reveal his emotions

The Young Tiger NTR and top director Rajamouli were in attendance at the Hollywood Critics Association screening of “RRR” in Los Angeles on January7. Rajamouli and his actors are touring the United States to promote the film as part of the ‘In Your Consideration’ campaign for the Academy Awards.

The screening was followed by a Q & A session, during which NTR and Rajamouli answered all of the audience members’ questions. NTR praised Rajamouli for uniting Indian and international film industries and bringing Telugu cinema to a wider audience. Rajamouli has also spoken highly of his friend and ‘RRR’ lead actor NTR, calling him “a powerhouse performer.”

Further, he stated that “Komaram Bheemudu” song featuring NTR was the best sequence he had ever planned and directed. He said, “It is my favourite of all time.”

He went on to say that even NTR’s smallest facial expressions convey a thousand words. Rajamouli said of NTR, “If you place the camera on his eye brow, he can give performance with that part.”



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