Ram Charan’s RC16 is a surefire blockbuster?

Ram Charan and Janhvi Kapoor

Ram Charan and director Buchi Babu have teamed up for the first time. The director of ‘Uppena’ will direct Ram Charan’s 16th film (#RC16), which was launched earlier this year. The regular shooting will begin shortly.


Now, Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathi has created a lot of buzz with his statement about this project.

Vijay Sethupathi said he knows the storyline of “RC 16” and believes it will be a blockbuster. He added to the hype by stating that the film’s premise has universal appeal and will connect with not only the Pan-Indian audience but also the global audience.

“RC 16” is a sports drama. Janhvi Kapoor stars as the film’s heroine. Venkata Satish Kilaru of Vriddhi Cinemas is producing the film. AR Rahman is the musical director. He’s already recorded three songs for the film.

Ram Charan will have to get a makeover before beginning work on “RC16.”



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