Rani Rudrama Devi’s journey to begin on Star Maa from 18th Jan


Star Maa – the cornerstone of Telugu Entertainment is known for its novel shows and serials. Joining the offerings from the channel is the upcoming show on Queen Rudrama Devi, one of the most well-known female monarchs.

This timeless tale of Queen Rudrama Devi, has been a part of every Telugu person’s life since childhood in the form of stories, chapters in their textbook. The show attempts to build out a depiction of what could have been the emotional journey of a young girl and her family when she had to pretend to be a boy and learn the art of statecraft and warfare in order to protect her motherland. 

Rudrama Devi has been an inspiration for many and her name and her glorious life still stands testimony to the fact that gender does not determine capability.

In order to bring this epic tale to life, Star Maa has put in some real efforts hiring hundreds of technicians for research and production. The high technical values of the show and absolutely gripping storyline promises to do every bit of justice in the portrayal of the grandeur of the Kakatiya dynasty and the Queen’s life.

The emotional depiction of our beloved queen Rudrama Devi’s journey will begin telecast from 18th of January at 9 PM IST Mon-Fri on Star Maa.

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