Rashmi Gautam denies turning down ‘Guntur Kaaram’

Rashmi Gautam

“Guntur Kaaram” is still creating waves on social media following its OTT launch. The film is presently streaming on Netflix and is trending at the top. The Mahesh Babu-starrer also received a positive reception from OTT viewers, who described it as a good “time-pass watch”.


It’s no surprise that the film has sparked conversation on social media. Rashmi Gautam reacted furiously after a social media handle revealed that she was to perform in the “Kurchi Madatapetti” song.

She was quick to condemn the bogus reports.

Rashmi Gautam revealed that she was never approached for the role, and that actress Poorna was simply fantastic. She urged the media and social media users to stop spreading false information.



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