Ravi Teja to head to Lucknow

Ravi Teja

Ravi Teja took a break from shooting of “Mr. Bachchan” and went on a family vacation in the United States. He just returned to Hyderabad and granted his approval to resume the shooting.


Director Harish Shankar and his team have landed in Lucknow and have begun work there. Ravi Teja is set to join them later this week. He will complete the Lucknow episode at a stretch.

“Mr. Bachchan” is a remake of the Bollywood hit movie “Raid”. Ravi Teja plays an IRS (Income Tax) officer in the film. Bhagyashree Borse, a newcomer, plays the female protagonist.

“Mr. Bachchan” is Ravi Teja and Harish Shankar’s third collaboration.



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