RRR: Adivasis demand deletion of skull cap visuals


The recently released teaser of ‘Ramaraju for Bheem’ that showcased the characterization of Komaram Bheem played by NTR has landed in a controversy. Hindu organizations have been objecting to showing Komaram Bheem wearing a skull cap.

Now, Adivasi Yuvasena of Adilabad district today demanded of deletion of those controversial visuals. They did kheerabhisehkam to the statue of Komaram Bheem in Utnur in Adilabad district and asked Rajamouli not to distort history for the sake of collections.

They said Bheem fought against the oppressive Muslim king (Nizam), and showing him wearing a skull cap is not the only distortion of the history but also hurt their sentiments.

Rajamouli’s ‘RRR’ is a fictional tale about real freedom warriors – Komaram Bheem of Adilabad district and Alluri Sita Ramaraju of Manyam agency. NTR is essaying Bheem’s role.

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