Rs 120 Cr for Sekhar Kammula – Dhanush’s film?

Dhanush and Sekhar Kammula

Dhanush signing Sekhar Kammula’s next came as a big surprise to everyone in the Telugu and Tamil film industries. Nearly two decades after his debut as an actor in Tamil, Dhanush is making his debut in Telugu. Until now, he has tried to win the Telugu audiences with dubbed movies. 

Now, comes the question: What would be the film’s budget? The film is being projected as a Pan-Indian project. The budget is being considered for this film is in the range of Rs 120 Crore. 

Dhanush will be getting Rs 50 Cr. This is the nearly double amount that he receives for a Tamil movie. But the producers had agreed to pay such hefty money as they will be releasing it in Tamil, and Hindi languages as well. 

Dhanush will be gaining international market if his Hollywood debut also gets clicked. He is playing one of the key roles in the Russo Brothers’ new movie, The Gray Man.

Sekhar Kammula, who has been making films with Rs 20 to 25 crore budget, is making a big leap with this film and this is his first movie with Rs 100 Crore plus budget. He will be roping in big names for crew and cast. 

Considering all these factors into account, producers Narayan Das Narang and Puskuru Rammohan Rao have agreed on such a big budget. 



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