Sai Dharam Tej defends ‘Slow-motion shots’ in films

Sai Dharam Tej

Sai Dharam Tej, who made a remarkable recovery from a life-threatening accident and achieved success once again with his film “Virupaksha” last year, received widespread praise for his insightful remarks during a round table discussion with South Indian celebrities.


He stated that while the success of “Virupaksha” was gratifying, his true joy came from receiving a deluge of supportive messages from well-wishers after he emerged from his coma following the accident.

In regard to films as a whole, Sai Dharam Tej justified the tendency of our filmmakers to excessively depend on slow-motion sequences.

He emphasized the significance of slow-motion sequences in Indian films, clarifying their role in evoking emotions and allowing the audience to fully experience and express excitement.

He claims that slow-motion is the indispensable and flawless introduction for every Indian hero.



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