Salaar 2: The team ‘laughs at rumors’!

Multiple divergent reports regarding “Salaar 2” have surfaced in the media. Several media outlets reported that the film has been postponed because of disagreements between Prabhas and director Prashanth Neel. According to other reports, “Salaar 2” will commence formal shooting soon, completing a portion of the film first, with the remaining work to be done next year.


Despite contrasting reports, both director Prashanth Neel and production house Hombale Films have maintained silence.

Now, the movie ‘Salaar The Saga’, which is being managed by the production team, has responded to these reports by stating that the team finds the reports to be baseless and is laughing them off. The image was captioned with the phrase ” They can’t stop laughing.”

Director Prashanth Neel will commence filming NTR’s film in August, as recently announced. Consequently, media outlets have come to the conclusion that the progress on “Salaar 2” is being postponed. Furthermore, certain websites have reported that the film has been shelved or put on hold.



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