‘Salaar 2’ will begin without Prabhas this month


The work on “Salaar 2” is currently underway. Director Prashanth Neel has already prepared everything for the shoot, including the call sheets for all of the main actors.


“Salaar 2,” the sequel to the hit film “Salaar,” will follow the story of Deva, played by Prabhas, a Shouryaanga tribesman. According to sources, the shooting will begin later this month, without Prabhas.

Other actors, including Bobby Simha, Jagapathi Babu, Sriya Reddy, and Shruti Haasan, will begin working on it first. Prabhas will join the team for the filming of “Salaar 2” in July.

Prashanth Neel intends to complete the filming by October and November. He meticulously planned everything, hoping to cut down on the number of working days. He is confident that the entire shooting phase will be completed within 4 or 5 months.

Quick release


The plan is to release “Salaar 2” as soon as possible. Prashanth Neel needs to work on other committed projects, such as one with NTR.

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“Salaar 2” also has high expectations because the first part was a success, and Prabhas has gained confidence in this project by committing a significant amount of time and effort to it. Prabhas was skeptical of the first installment’s box office performance prior to its release.



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