Samantha reveals her project titled ‘Maa Inti Bangaram’

Maa Inti Bangaram

Samantha turned  37 today. Samantha unveiled a new project called “Maa Inti Bangaram” to commemorate her birthday.


This marks her debut as a feature film producer. Samantha has recently established a production company called ‘Tralala Moving Pictures’. Her debut production is titled “Maa Inti Bangaram” and is also the lead actress in it.

She unveiled a motion poster for the film, featuring Samantha as a married woman brandishing a gun and taking aim at someone, while something is being prepared in a pressure cooker in the kitchen.

“Not everything has to glitter to be golden #Bangaram @tralalamovingpictures  Something’s cooking,” she captioned the image.

Samantha, however, provided limited information regarding the project and its director. This is her inaugural first announcement following the release of “Kushi” in September 2023. She is making comeback to the film industry after a gap of eight months.



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