Sankranthi 2024: Four are certain, while the fifth is uncertain

Sankranthi 2024

Sankranthi is the most profitable period for Telugu films, and the tradition of releasing big-budget films for this festival dates back many decades. The Sankranthi festival in 2024 will see many films competing with each other.


At one point, it appeared that half a dozen Telugu films would be released in time for the festival. The uncertainty persisted until a few weeks ago, and then producer Dil Raju decided not to release Vijay Deverakonda’s “Family Star” for Sankranthi. There are now five films.

However, it is unclear whether these five films will be shown in theaters for the festival, or if at least one will withdraw. For the time being, all five films have begun to promote themselves.

Four or five?

Without a doubt, Mahesh Babu’s “Guntur Kaaram” will be released in theaters on January 12. And this is the most anticipated and biggest film of the Sankranthi season. The makers have restarted music promotion.

“Hanu Man,” a fantasy film with stunning visual effects, is also set to hit theaters on January 12th. The makers say they will not change the date because it is a pan-Indian release.

The release dates for Ravi Teja’s “Eagle” and Venkatesh’s “Saindhav” have been set for January 13th. Both of these films will not back down. As of now, the release dates for these four films have been announced.

The fifth one!

Nagarjuna’s “Naa Saami Ranga” is the fifth film that has begun promotion and is set to hit theaters during the Sankranthi season. Nagarjuna believes that the Pongal festival period brings him luck, and most of his Pongal films have been successful. As a result, he is determined to release this film in time for Sankranthi. However, no date has been set by the producers. The producers are considering either January 11 or January 14. However, finding theaters will be difficult. Or Nagarjuna could postpone the film until Republic Day.

Finally, four Telugu films will almost certainly be released in theaters during the Sankranthi festival. The fifth is doubtful. There are also two or three dubbed films to contend with.



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